“The Boondoggler” is a wholly different approach to blending. We use various mash bill elements, including Corn, Barley & Rye and a wide selection of barrels to achieve a complex and flavorful Whiskey like nothing else out there. Our proprietary aging method includes time in New American White oak, Red & White wine-seasoned French oak, and Fino & Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks. “The Boondoggler” is neither a Bourbon or a Rye in the traditional sense, but combines elements of both for a one of a kind taste experience.

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Medium Amber
  • Aroma: Complex. Aromas of dried fruit (raisin, currant), cherry, caramel, light vanilla, and warm toast.
  • Taste: Simple and Sweet, high Rye notes of grain spice, cereal, and baking chocolate.
  • Finish: Balanced and warm, finishes quickly.
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“I have a bottle of The Boondoggler which I feel is right up there with Pappy's. Amazing whiskey! ”

Melville Bearn