As Washington DC wine and spirit merchants, we know how some folks in this town talk and talk, without saying anything! One thing we can all seem to agree on however is good whiskey…We also know how French oak barrel aging is the key to making fine wine – it adds depth, complexity and elegance…so why not try it with whiskey, we thought? We call our unique process “Dual Cask”.Our gifted master blender selects the best barrels of aged American whiskies he can find, and assembles a bi-partisan blend of young and old – young for the spicy edginess, and old for the mellow smoothness. We let them get to know each other in French oak wine barrels for a few months, and when they come out, we have what we believe is one of the best whiskies on the market. Filibuster! – a whisky so good, you won’t stop talking about it!

Filibuster Cocktails

Hand Bottled

Aged in French and American Oak

Small Batch Limited Release